Sportswear Heat Transfer


f you have or sell sportswear and want to customize them with sponsors, numbers or letters, now you can mark them quickly and easily with excellent results! The heat transfer for sportswear guarantees a quality finish in a matter of seconds. Order them now and customize your sportswear!

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    Heat transfer designs, sponsors and numbers for sports shirts

    Sports clubs and teams need to be able to identify each of their players, and for this reason numbers and names or surnames are used in the kits as distinctive elements. But in addition to the letters and numbers to print on shirts, it is also very common to add the team’s logo or shield, as well as the names of all the brands and companies that are sponsors. These must be visible at all times and, therefore, they need to have a certain quality and resistance, both to use and to washing.

    On the other hand, the kits are not only used to dress team members during competitions, they are also a merchandising element! Family, friends and even people who support the teams may also want to wear these sports shirts. Take advantage and create a community!

    And how can you print numbers for sports shirts that are resistant? Well, using our heat transfer technique! This consists on using serigraphic inks that are applied on a special paper, and through the application of heat and a certain pressure, the chosen design is transferred to the fabric. In a matter of minutes, you can have all your kit ready with an excellent finish!

    Our transfers for sportswear have quality certificates, with great washing resistance. They can be washed at 60ºC of temperatures and if required, up to 90ºC without their quality deteriorating, which is why they are ideal for large sports entities.

    Buy your heat transfers and numbers to print on shirts at JMB

    At JMB we have a catalog where you can choose between several colors of numbers and alphabets already made for your own collection of garments and kits. However, if you prefer to go for a completely genuine and personalized sportswear heat transfer design, our team of designers can take care of everything! You just have to tell us what you have in mind and we will offer you advice throughout the entire process, until you find the final version. Contact us!