Create your own brand with JMB


esigning an exclusive clothing collection for your brand is now easier than ever thanks to our heat transfer techniques. If you don’t know them, it’s time to discover them! Since they will allow you to customize all kinds of clothing and other textiles already made in a matter of seconds.

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Create your own brand with our textile heat transfers

In case you have never heard of it or do not know exactly why it has so many advantages, we can tell you that it consists of printing different silk-screen inks through a special silicone paper. Through the application of temperature and pressure, they get fixed on the fabric. That easy!

And do you get good results? Of course! Of all the techniques that currently exist, the transfer is the most versatile and the cleanest. Since the paper is used to transfer the design, that is where quality control is applied, so faulty products are reduced by 97% compared to conventional printing. And together with its economical price, they make it an excellent choice!

In addition, different types of heat presses can be used for printing, which means that whether you need a very large quantity of garments or if you just need a few units, this technique adapts to your needs as it works without stock! The most practical way to customize only the products that interest you.

Get your transfers with JMB

The main advantage of heat transfers is the ease with which you can create your own collection of garments, as well as their cheap price and cleanliness. But that is not all! It includes a wide variety of finishes that adapt to different types of fabrics, such as cotton, artificial fibers or blends. And the results are always fantastic! Very intense colors and resistant to washing at the highest quality.

If you want to create your apparel collection with customized designs, at JMB we have a catalogue with more than 1,000 different heat transfers! But if you prefer, we can also help you design exclusive models for your brand.