Cut Vinyl for Textile

The cut vinyl for textile is a plastic material that is used for personalizing and printing multiple designs on any garment and fabric. It is sold on rolls, with a wide range of colors and a several special finishes, such as reflective, neon or holographic. Discover all the possibilities that textile vinyl offers you!

High quality printable textile vinyl

Textile printing in vinyl consist in a thermo-adhesive sheet that is used to print, cut and later transfer the designs on clothing and other accessories. Thanks to its plastic base, it offers good resistance to washing and today it has become one of the most popular printing techniques on the market for instant customization of small quantities.

Also considered as a multi-product printing technique, it gives you the opportunity to transfer your most original designs to your collection of clothing, textile accessories, etc. Among the advantages of vinyl for t-shirts, its incredible versatility stands out, since it also allows you to work with materials that are not completely flat and apply a multitude of colors with the combination of different types of vinyl. Also, it is an ideal technique if you need small productions!

Currently, the options are multiple and at JMB you can buy textile vinyl with different characteristics, in some items, from 5 linear meters. Also note that for this technique you will need a conveyor tape. Its function will be to transport the printed support. We can provide it to you!

Buy your iron-on vinyl for t-shirts and sweatshirts at JMB

If you are looking for a high-quality iron-on textile vinyl with a professional finish, at JMB we offer you the widest variety of options in the sector. Some of our materials are colourprint crystal with gloss and matt finishes and perfect for light fabrics; the glitterprint, with glitter and for dark colours; or the evolution print, with the same characteristics as the colourprint, but for opaque surfaces.

In addition, we work with other current vinyl techniques and for different purposes! Like the sublistop for sportswear, the holographic material, the reflective material or the latest generation fashion videoflex. Find your vinyl for t-shirts and other garments with the best materials and techniques at JMB!