Transfer Paper for T-shirts

Would you like to manage the printing of your favorite designs on your clothes by yourself? Do you have a design and want to transfer it to your brand’s collection? With the transfer paper for t-shirts and other garments you can do it quickly and easily!

Transfer paper for t-shirts

Heat transfer paper is made up of sheets with coatings, which allow any type of image to be printed on them and, subsequently, with the application of heat, it can be transferred to a textile garment.

To achieve this, it is not necessary that you have any type of special machinery, but a traditional home printer will be enough. Such as inkjet and laser. It’s as simple as making a photocopy!

Once you have obtained your design on the textile transfer paper, you only have to apply it to the garment at a high temperature (between 180ºC and 200ºC) and applying medium-high pressure (5bars) for about 20 seconds. In a matter of seconds, and after removing the paper while hot, you will have an original and exclusive garment!

However, for the best quality results, you must choose the right material. This is it, the transfer paper for clothes! At JMB we have packages of 100 sheets, both for laser and inkjet printers and differentiating between light and dark backgrounds. Keep in mind that the application of the paper in each case varies.

Buy your transfer paper at JMB

If you are looking for wholesale transfer paper or also for individuals, at JMB we adapt to all your needs! It is especially suitable for fabrics such as cotton, polyester or a combination of both or other fibers.

Among its advantages, it stands out how easy it is to reproduce any image or photo in a few seconds and without having to leave your home or your workshop. Plus, you won’t have to worry about minimum quantities!

With the transfer paper for t-shirts and other apparel, it’s now easier than ever to launch your own clothing collection with custom designs!