Heat Transfers for Souvenirs


o you have a souvenir or tourism business and want to offer original designs to your customers? At JMB we are leaders in manufacturing heat transfers for souvenirs, and thanks to our team of experts we can create completely customized designs for your store. Now you can multiply your sales!

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    Designs for souvenir t-shirts and other products

    T-shirts with a local design are one of the favorite items for tourists to take as a souvenir of the place they visit. But, in addition, you can also take advantage and offer other completely customized designs to surprise your customers.

    If you are looking for original designs for souvenir t-shirts, with textile transfers you will have endless possibilities! This type of textile printing offers the greatest versatility and finishes, with more than ten different techniques from which you can choose. Glitter, luminescent, neon colors, relief… And many more!

    You just have to tell us what you are looking for and our team will offer you advice to turn it a reality. The same design for different products, print it on t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, etc. Customize the designs with the elements you want to include. Boost your sales with totally exclusive items!

    And if this sounds good to you, the textile transfer techniques allows you to print a design for souvenir t-shirts in a very short space of time. Get a whole new collection in just a few minutes! And with the greatest quality result.

    Buy your transfers for souvenirs online at JMB

    In order to get a design for textile products for tourism, you just have to contact us and give us the design you have in mind. Or if you prefer, you can also check what we have in our collection or request the advice of our professionals so we can manufacture your designs from a simple scratch. We adapt to your needs!

    Do you also need clothing? We can also help you with it! From our website you can access to some  garment catalogues and other textiles from our suppliers. With a modern and trending style, your clients will be fashionable and at the same time they will be able to show off an exclusive memory with the souvenir transfer. Get them today!