Heat Transfer Techniques

The Heat Transfer Techniques are characterized by their huge versatility and the speed which a finished product can be done. In other words, they not only offer you a unique result, but a whole range of possibilities tailored to the style you want to get! Whatever you choose, your heat transfer will always be a high quality one, with very intense colors and fantastic washing resistance. Bet on them!

Design and printing foil heat transfer at JMB

The heat transfer foil is one of the techniques that we work at JMB, with 50x70cm sheets complemented by 0.3 x 30 meter rolls. First the transfer paper is applied and then, in a second printing, the foil paper.

As for the temperature at which it works, it is around 175ºC and 180ºC, with an extraction of the paper in hot and the foil in cold. The printing time is only 7 seconds for the transfer and 3 seconds for the foil sheet. In a very short time you will have all your designs finished! Contact JMB if you need more details about this colorful technique.

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