Customize Heat Transfers

Customized heat transfers are the latest trend to create original and quality designs that you can print on any type of garment or accessory. Do you want to create a clothing line or include your company logo in promotional textile material? At JMB we can help you achieve it!

Customized Heat Transfers

Custom heat transfers for t-shirts

If you are looking for customized heat transfers for t-shirts and other garments, we have more than a thousand references in our catalogue! And in addition to the variety of designs, you can also choose between the fifteen printing techniques that we work with. Solar photochromic, luminescent, puff, foil, neon, metallic, water-based… Very varied styles that will allow you to easily customize your heat transfers and obtain an exclusive result for you.

In addition, you can also choose between having your designs already printed on the garments you have selected or printing them yourself. For this, we have manual and pneumatic heat presses that will give you total freedom for your creations. As a leading company in the heat transfer printing sector, we put our experience at your disposal!

Order your tailored heat transfers at JMB

If you want to have your own collection of customise transfers, all you have to do is contact JMB! From our website you have links to catalogs where you will find clothes adapted to the latest trends, as well as a sample of all the techniques we work on so that you print your designs on them.

Customized heat transfer paper for t-shirts has become one of the most popular way to print garments. In addition to its versatility, it is very easy to use and allows you to have original designs in a matter of seconds. And the purposes are multiple! Souvenir t-shirts, workwear with corporate logos, sportswear with sponsors, textile merchandising with your company logo or your own fashion line.

You just have to choose the designs that you like the most among all that we have, and that include categories such as adult, youth or children, sports, with numbers, ethnic, and many more! Or if you prefer, our team of creatives and illustrators will design a personalized textile heat transfer design for you. We adapt to your needs!

Customized Heat Transfers Creative Studio