DTF Heat Transfer

The DTF heat transfer allows obtaining photo-quality printing results on textiles. Therefore, its effect is very striking and for this reason, it is widely used in the world of merchandising and workwear to reproduce all kinds of detailed images and corporate logos. For its printing, a temperature of 150ºC is necessary, and with a medium-high pressure for 12 seconds. Extraction of the film should always be done warm. Transfers can be requested on 60cm width rolls with a printable area of 58cm and it sold by lineal meters.


boton bobina 60

60 cms wide roll

Application parameters

boton temperatura

Temperature: 150ºC

boton presion

Pressure: Medium (4-5 bars)

boton tiempo

Time: 12 seconds

boton extraccion

Paper removal: Tempered

DTF heat transfer printing and design at JMB

The use of DTF transfer is recommended for fabrics made of cotton or mixed with other synthetics such as polyester, since it is on them that an excellent finish is achieved. A positive factor to take into account is that the minimum production is only 1 lineal meter of 60cm width, being able to include all kinds of logos in it since there is no color limit and also neon colors can be reproduced.

If you are looking for designs that are original and exclusive to you, our team of professionals can offer you advice and take care of their creation, right up to the subsequent printing of the high-quality heat transfer. We have multiple heat presses that allow us to work with the appropriate conditions for each technique.

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