Heat Transfer Washing Resistance up to 60ºC

The 60ºC Washing Resistance heat transfer is a type of transfer that does not have any particular effect, but rather consists of applying a treatment that increases its resistance to washing at high temperatures; in this case, up to 60º.

High temperatures for washing are necessary to be able to disinfect and eliminate the remains of more difficult stains and bacteria that may have accumulated in the fabrics. Its application occurs especially in workwear, being very common in the health sector, for clinics and hospitals; in the hotel and restaurant industry, or in those jobs such as constructors or mechanics in which the fabrics can be impregnated with substances resistant to conventional washing.


boton hoja 70x50 1

70x50cm sheet: minimum of 50 sheets

Stamping parameters

boton temperatura

Temperature: 170-180ºC

boton tiempo

Time: 8 seconds

boton presion

Pressure: Medium-High (5-6 bars)

boton extraccion

Paper removal: hot

Design and Heat Transfer Printing with Washing Resistance at 60ºC in JMB

In general, the heat transfers can be washed at a medium temperature between 30º and 40º. To these, a resistance of 80 washes is guaranteed. However, when the grades are raised, this resistance is reduced. To prevent this from happening, at JMB we can add a 60ºC washing resistance treatment to the heat transfers at the time of manufacture. Thus, not only will you obtain a high-quality finish, but you will also guarantee its durability over time and washing.

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