Workwear Customization


o you need to customize workwear with a corporate logo? Now with JMB you can have different ready-made garments and textiles on which to print the design you want. High quality and resistance in record time!

Custom Workwear: Work Uniforms, Work Jackets, T-Shirts

The uniform as workwear has functions that go beyond offering comfort to employees in their jobs. It is a way of associating the workforce with the company and distinguishing it from the competition, but also of contributing to the creation of a corporate image.

Therefore, if you are looking for suppliers of workwear where you can obtain, for example, personalized work shirts, at JMB we not only take care of manufacturing a multitude of designs or your company logo in high-quality transfer, but we also put at your disposal several catalogs where you can find uniforms for any sector.

To personalize your garments, we use textile transfers, as they offer great versatility and are very clean when working. They allow decoration on different fabrics, such as cotton or synthetic fibers, and the result obtained presents an excellent finish, with a unique style and great quality, allowing washing at 60º and up to 90ºC.

Another of its advantages is that the quality controls take place on the paper that is subsequently transferred to the fabric, which drastically reduces faulty products. Consequently, production costs are minimized and large quantities can be obtained in a very short time. In less than 10 seconds you will have your customized workwear, so having a large workforce is no longer a problem!

Buy your customized workwear online at JMB

If you are looking for customized workwear online, at JMB we can take care of providing you with all the garments you need, as well as the design of your logo and the transfer for subsequent printing. Personalized workwear jackets, personalized workwear polo shirts… and many more items!

All of them with a modern and comfortable cut so that your corporate image is impeccable. With a long history in the printing sector, we work hand by hand with an online workwear store to offer you a complete and tailored service. Contact us!