Textile Heat Transfer

The textile heat transfer is the easiest, fastest and most versatile way to decorate your clothes or any other fabric, with multiple and different styles and finishes to make them totally original and exclusive. Start creating your heat transfers with JMB today!

Top quality heat transfers for textile

Textile transfers can be applied on multiple fibers and fabrics, such as cotton, polyester or other artificial fibers. These are serigraphic inks that are placed on a paper support and then are transferred by manual or  pneumatic heat presses to any garment. A clean and efficient process that will allow you to have your personalized garments in a matter of seconds!

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates, which ensures comfort in the use of garments and the absence of any substance in the process that may be toxic or harmful to health. Embroidered transfers, foil, cmyk, reflective, metallic, puff, high definition… All the techniques you can imagine and many more!

Find the heat transfers for textile at JMB

At JMB we offer you one of the largest collections of transfers in the textile printing sector. If you want to create your own collection with clothes that follow the latest trends and trending designs, take a look at our catalog of textile transfers! More than 1,000 references available for your brand to which new features are continuously added. Find here what you are looking for!

If what you prefer is to create your own project, our team of designers and illustrators will work with you to advise you from the initial sketches to the choice of the best printing technique for your final designs!

We offer you all graphic styles, with multiple finishes and with different printing techniques. Thermo-adhesive and serigraphic materials so that you can choose the transfer that best suits your needs and your budget. The minimum quantities vary according to the chosen technique, the colors and the size of the sheet. Contact us for more information!

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