Heat Transfer is quite similar to direct screen printing. It is a printing done in a huge range of techniques with the difference that here the image is preprinted on a transfer paper that is then transferred to your chosen support, natural and synthetic fabrics (T-shirts, bags, umbrellas, caps, sweatshirts, gloves) with a heat-press.

You can buy ready-made JMB´s transfers from 10pcs per reference with a 60€ minimum order. You can also customize your own designs from 100pcs according to the technique and the colors needed. Our sales department will prepare you a custom budget without any commitment within 24 hours.

 You can send us your order by e-mail at jmb@jmb.es, throughout our website www.jmb.es or call us at +34 937 294 200

There is no color limit in 4 color process (CMYK). In direct pantone colors Heat Transfer, with JMB you can make up to 11 direct colors.

JMB Heat Tranfers can be printed on several supports: onto natural and synthetic fabrics, non-woven fabrics (packs, caps, umbrellas, bags, neoprene, etc.) onto light or dark color supports (all colors). However, we recommend printing tests before any serial production.

The unused heat transfer can be stored for later without any need to print them on any support. That makes the transfer highly versatile and allows you to work on request, without having to print all your garments.

Yes, JMB has been customizing drawings for its clients for more than 40 years. For further information, please visit the Customized Heat Transfers section in our website or contact our sales department.

To provide a high quality transfer, JMB recommends vector files with traced fonts or PNG with transparent background at 300dpi. Make sure you specify the size of each artwork, the support color, material and quantities to produce.

In our catalogue designs, each Transfer pack comes with instructions; time, temperature and pressure for a correct printing. On the “Transfer Techniques” link on our website, you will find the printings parameters of each type of transfer.

The garment must be washed at 30ºC, do not wash dry and do not iron over the drawing or use a dryer. If you need 60ºC or even 90ºC washing resistant, ask for it when you place the order.

Tested with more than 80 washes, a properly pressed Transfer has a long durability. It is very important to follow the washing and ironing instructions correctly to ensure a long service life of the transfer.

Storing a JMB Heat Transfer in a place free of humidity and with moderate temperature, it can last several years. JMB guarantees the first 6 months after purchase as we cannot control the conditions in which the Heat Transfer has been stored.

Never mind, just forward us your idea and our designers will develop it and accompany you from your original idea to the finished Transfer, ready to print.

Our ready-made transfers are shipped 1 working day after your order, upon payment made before 12 noon, Spain peninsular time. Custom transfers are shipped 8 working days from the proforma invoice confirmation. A delay in payment will lead to a delay in the delivery time.