Stamp 400 Manual


he Stamp 400 Manual plate is a very practical printing heat press; it does not require any compressor, only a current point and it will allow you to carry out the printing of different transfer techniques on all types of fabrics. To do this, it applies heat and pressure in multiple intensities, according to the specific needs of each technique used and each material. The pressure is regulated manually.


Some of the techniques that can be carried out with a heat press machine are sublimation, textile vinyl, serigraphic transfer, rhinestones, foil, four-color printing and a long etcetera. The Stamp 400 Manual has, as its name indicates, the characteristic that the opening and closing are manual, and the pressure is subjective. They are the most economical and simple, and are indicated when the production is not too high. Ideal to have in stores facing the public because they are especially quiet.

Plancha Estampación Stamp 400 Manual

Data sheet

Plate size: 40×45cm
Temperature: 0 > 250ºC
Time: 0 > 99 seconds
Maximum pressure: Manually adjustable
Power: 4,000W
Voltage: 220V – 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 42x72x65cm
Weight: 80 Kg.

Stamp 400 Manual Heat Press Machine for printing t-shirts

If you need a machine to customize T-shirts, the Stamp 400 Manual heat press machine is a safe bet, as long as the number of transfers to be printed is not too high. In this case, it is preferable to opt for pneumatic/automatic heat presses. At JMB we offer you this heat transfer machine, shipped with a Nomex and Teflon cover as standard, and with the guarantee of our brand.

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