Heat Transfer Embroidery

Iron-on embroideries are a type of heat transfer with a high-quality finish. They resemble the classic stitch and thread technique. The main difference between sewn embroidery and iron-on embroidery is that the latter have an iron-on base. This way, the embroidery can be easily fixed on a garment.

To proceed with the printing of iron-on embroideries, both, professional industrial irons and a homemade iron can be used. The only thing that must be verified is that the temperature is adequate, as well as the pressure that is done and this will allow it to be well fixed in all its parts.

In terms of their use, they are mainly used to print shields on sports equipment as well as for different clothing, but they are also common to make children’s and youth designs, or clothing for adults that are in line with fashion and the latest trends. They are made in full color and with a minimum of 100 units per model.