Stamp 400 Pneumatic


he Stamp 400 pneumatic plate is a machine for printing all types of textile heat transfers. In other words, it is specifically designed for printing transfers on different textiles. It allows the application of a multitude of techniques, such as sublimation, four-color process, foil, high definition, etc. Always with high quality results and ready in record time.


Pneumatic heat presses are the most advanced version available on the market, with a higher degree of sophistication and production capacity. Therefore, if your production needs are very high, it is convenient that you opt for the Stamp 400 Pneumatic plate, instead of the manual one. As characteristics, both the opening and closing of the plate to position the garment are manual, but the raising and lowering of the iron and the pressure exerted on the garment are automatic, regulated with a compressor to obtain a stable and uniform pressure on the entire surface and during the entire ironing time. They offer a very high level of accuracy and are easy to use.

Plancha Estampación Stamp 400 Neumática

Data sheet

Plate size: 40×45cm
Temperature: 0 > 250ºC
Time: 0 > 99 seconds
Maximum pressure: 8 Bar
Power: 4,000W
Voltage: 220V – 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 42x72x65cm
Weight: 95 Kg.

Stamp 400 Pneumatic Heat Press Machine for printing t-shirts

With this T-shirt printing machine, your collection of textile garments will be ready for use in record time. The available temperature ranges between 0 and 250º; enough to work all the transfer techniques. And since they work with a compressor, the recommended minimum should have a capacity of 50 liters per minute. You can get your Stamp 400 Pneumatic heat press at JMB, with our quality guarantee and safe shipping.

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